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The Story So Far - The Road to the 37th America's Cup

As the dust settles following an extraordinary event in Saudi Arabia it is clear that the 37th America's Cup cycle is well underway. It's also patently clear that things might not be quite as we thought a couple of months ago when the racing began. 

The America's Cup Preliminary events (Spain and Jeddah) may have started off as a friendly series in a one design boat. Going into the events the atmosphere was relaxed. Some teams felt one design racing in the AC40 had little to do with the big beast they would use come the Cup racing proper. But, as the curtain closed on two extraordinary and revealing events, some of the biggest names and teams got a serious shock and a rude wake-up call from some of the newest and youngest players in the scene. 

Getting to grips with the breathtaking speed and intensity that this Cup cycle will be played at is one thing, but there's already  evidence to suggest that AC37 could see even bigger changes that we had thought.

Thanks to solid support from engine manufacturers Yanmar, who commissioned PlanetSail to create a series explaining the road to the 37th America's Cup, we have been busy following every step so far on a journey that will take us through to the big day itself in Barcelona in October 2024 where one team will lift the world's oldest international sporting trophy above their heads.

Here's some links to our story and how the road to the 37th America's Cup has played out so far.

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