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OnCourse - Episode 9

11 Jan, 2021

Cup stories, Vendée Globe and Docktalk

OnCourse Ep 9 - ONLINE NOW Throughout 170 years, the battle for the America’s Cup has delivered plenty of fascinating stories about people and their campaigns. But there are few stranger tales than the story of how a tiny New Zealand boating club with a car for a clubhouse got its name on the world’s oldest international sporting trophy. Matt Sheahan heads to the site of the story to see for himself and to recount this extraordinary America’s Cup victory. He also considers how far things have come with the AC75s since designers ditched 20 tonnes of lead and allowed their boats to fly. And while the boat speeds between the current boats and NZL60, the Cup winning yacht of 2000 are worlds apart, the physical concepts are closer than you might think. Plus, Steve Ancsell reports on the deep ocean stage of the Vendée Globe as the leaders round the infamous Cape Horn. And as usual, we have our selection of snippets in Docktalk.

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