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Crew Work Explained

9 Feb, 2021

How to handle an AC75 - Part 1

The spectacle of an AC75 at speed, in flight is breathtaking, but to learn to handle these boats at speeds that have rarely been achieved and at close quarters has meant that teams have had to climb a near vertical learning curve. The technology is new, as is the concept and the language that the crew use to communicate, so how do they handle an AC75? I talk to foiling supremo, multiple world champion, former America's Cup sailor, Olympic gold get the idea....Nathan Outteridge who has been studying these boats and the way that they are sailed since they were first launched here in Auckland. It's a fascinating insight, in fact so good that we have made the feature in two parts as we simply couldn't bear to leave any of it out. And anyway, you'll need a break to take on board some new concepts and fill up your glasses for the next part.

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